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transfeminist festival

of cinema, performance, music, dance, dialogues

BARI | 3rd-30th NOVEMBER 2023

BIG DREM 2023 is a call for all of us to step over the fleeting line between wake and sleep, a push to experience desire. We live in a time that wants us waiting, performing, out of our bodies or in a copy that is practical to the system. What’s left of us if we don’t get our joyful drive to act out utopia back? We began from this to steer our often uneasy choices: we bet on a month-long festival because the time together, in-between fundamental matters, is precious; we spread BIG throughout the whole city, involving spaces/processes that take up cultural activism, so that the public could search for us, could wish, could form a community; we scheduled artists that propose outrageous inquiries, that build their practices on bodies set into intersectional webs; we pictured moments in which speech becomes a circle that tells us of our decision to live in the South and create bigger and bigger niches of social and artistic self-direction.

A happy dayDREAM to all of us.

Tita Tummillo and Miki Gorizia, artistic directors

A subscription to BIG DREAM includes all dance, music and theatre performances; the shows at Cinema ABC are not included.
The subscription will be available exclusively up until November 3rd.
Click here for more information about tickets and subscriptions.

3rd NOVEMBER ⎯ 09:00 PM


live concert ⎯ M performance
opening event

An eccentric Bulgarian artist with a multitude of talents, Ivo Dimchev ranges from dance to music, from theatre to song, in a monstrously sublime way, breaking genres and art’s borders with ease and primarily using the body – restless and uninhibited – and the voice – powerful and defiant – to bewitch, to ironize, to declaim, to play, to protest, to enchant.

Ivo Dimchev graduates in Performing Arts at DasArts academy in Amsterdam, soon drawing the attention of international critics and public. He establishes Volksroom space in Brussels, where artists from different fields perform, and the Mozei in Sofia, an independent space centred on contemporary art and music. He has been resident artist in Kaaitheater in Brussels for many years. He conducted masterclasses at the Nation Theatre Academy of Budapest, the Royal Conservatory of Dance in Antwerp, the Hochschule der Künste in Bern, Switzerland, DanceWeb in Vienna, the University of Giessen in Germany, the Academy of art in Bremen and other institutions. As of now he lives in New York and he performs all over the world.

4th NOVEMBER ⎯ 07:00 PM (repeat at 9:00 PM)
PALAZZO FIZZAROTTI ⎯ C.so Vittorio Emanuele II, 193 (Bari)


by/with Marta Capaccioli and Lucrezia Palandri

Italian premiere ⎯ D performance

with the support of H.E.A.R.T. Foundation

Dramaturgical assistance: Serena Guardone | with the support of Bando Abitante – Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza Virgilio Sieni and Fondazione CR Firenze, Più Erbacce – CIMD in collaboration with BASE Milano and Fondazione Cariplo, La Coopérative Chorégraphique Caen, Galerie éphémère Montreuil, Spazio K – Kinkaleri, Stabile di lì, Ariella Vidach AiEP | Production: theVision | Co-production: Associazione Fika, Associazione L’’Altra, Association Mâ. Thanks to Veronica Cornacchini, Richard Comte, Lorenzo Ferroni, Marina Giovannini, Letizia Renzini

Dreams about Dying is a dream that concerns dying as a threshold between material and immaterial, dream and wake, body and soul. This performative research blends ancient burial rites, collected from all over the world, a personal gaze and an exchange of practices, reflections and poetry between the two performers, that turn the idea of life and death into a sweet traversing of memories, relationships, objects and bonds. An emotional voyage that leaps off the borders of the concrete and leads to a doubting feeling of what’s really there, of who’s actually alive or dead.

Marta Capaccioli and Lucrezia Palandri are dancers and performers from numerous national and internationals choreographers. Marta and Lucrezia have been sharing important life and work experiences since 2009. Together they dance for Paolo Poli, Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion, Cristina Kristal Rizzo, Annamaria Ajmone. Between 2018 and 2019 they both worked for The Cleaner, a retrospective on Marina Abramović at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence.

4th NOVEMBER ⎯ 11:00 PM
OFFICINA DEGLI ESORDI ⎯ Via F. Crispi, 5 (Bari)


BIG opening party

ph. Claudia Borgia

Playgirls from Caracas, a project born in Lecce in 2007 and based in Rome, play out a queer inquiry in their dj-sets that delves into different genres and times: a crisp intermingling backed by provocative videoclips that, between maracas, güiro and various percussions transforms shy circumstances into dancing nights. The stirred up the dancefloors of the most renowned gender fluid parties, from Gucci Cruise to Hacker Porn Film Festival in Rome, from the Theater Festival in Santarcangelo di Romagna to the Friendly Thursday in Molfetta, from the Mix Festival in Milan to Salento Rainbow, from Short Theater to Masseria Wave. They couldn’t miss BIG!

During the event, a space dedicated to queer publishings curated by Spine Bookstore will be available.

5th NOVEMBRE ⎯ 08:30 PM
CINEMA ABC ⎯ Via G. Marconi, 41 (Bari)


Opening  Ricchitoni – lgbtqueer choir

Introduction in cooperation with Tavolo Tecnico Lgbtqi+

Orlando, mY Political Biography

by Paul B. Preciado (France 2023 – 98′)
O.V. with subtitles

In 1928 Virginia Woolf writes Orlando, the first novel in which the main character changes sex in the middle of the story. About a century later, in this docu-fictional movie, Paul Preciado ideally discusses with the English writer the actuality of her character, champion of all non-binary bodies. By skilfully overlapping different levels of narration, this film is the dream-manifesto of the famous philosopher that, by gathering the testimony of 26 trans and non-binary people between the ages of 8 and 70, gives a voice to all of the present day Orlandos that have yet to be acknowledged, politically and socially.



Regina José Galindo

The body as a political space

With the patronage of the Department of Culture of the City of Bari and the support of the H.E.A.R.T Foundation and Imago+

Ph. Bernard Huet

Visual artist and poet Regina José Galindo uses her body as her main mean of expression, through performance and collective effort. Galido, living and working in her home country Guatemala, utilizes the local context as a starting point to explore and expose the ethical implications of social violence and the grievances tied to racial and gender discrimination, along with human rights abuses deriving from endemic inequalities in the power dynamics of contemporary societies. The vast production that has always defined her aims to birth a critical point in our thoughts that points out, condemns and judges the various abusive actions that concern the different social groups, but that have been normalised in the course of the years, and the silence that she herself breaks.
She received the Golden Lion Award for Best Young Artist at the 51st Venice Biennale and, in 2011, the Prince Claus Awards for her ability to turn injustice and outrage into public acts that demand a response.

She recently received the Robert Rauschenberg Prize from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts.

6th NOVEMBER ⎯ 11:00 AM
BIBLIOTECA DE GEMMIS ⎯ Str. Lamberti, 3 (Bari)


6th NOVEMBRE ⎯ 06:30 PM
EX TESORERIA PALAZZO DI CITTÀ ⎯ Via Roberto da Bari, 1 (Bari)

Exhibition Opening

The exhibition will be oben from November 6th to November 16th, excluding Sundays, from 11:00AM to 7:00PM.

Regina José Galindo in conversation with Giuliana Schiavone, art historian, independent curator, resercher in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies at Universidad de Alcalà de Henares (Madrid).

“Nuestra mayor venganza es estar vivas

(Our biggest revenge is to be alive): this is the manifesto that Galindo chooses to welcome the audience into the exhibition space.

There are four video works that become testimonies of the violence exercised by the authorities, from the State genocide that occurred in Guatemala to the ordinary violence on women, the marginalized and racialized subjects.

Galindo will also present four poems in the courtyard of Palazzo di Città.

7th NOVEMBER ⎯ 08:00 PM
PALAZZO FIZZAROTTI ⎯ C.so Vittorio Emanuele II, 193 (Bari)

Regina José Galindo


⎯ D performance

Regina José Galindo presents an unprecedented performative work for the BIG. Year after year, the cases of femicide are countless, occurring in family or emotional contexts and at the hands of partners or ex-partners. Alarming and rising statistics are recorded in Italy, Spain, Germany, and other European regions.

The alarm has been activated; we are facing a new silent pandemic.

Public access is allowed in groups of 25 people.

8th NOVEMBER ⎯ 08:30 PM
9th NOVEMBER ⎯ 08:30 PM (REPEAT)


The Frontier

performing by Riccardo Fazi, Claudia Sorace (MUTA IMAGO)

⎯ D performance

In collaboration with Officina dell’Arte – APS

❝ If there are frontiers between civilization and barbarism, between what has meaning and what does not, they are not lines drawn on maps or terrestrial regions. They are only mental barriers

⎯ U.K. Le Guinn

La Frontiera (The Frontier) is a performance that travels through time, the attempt to build a sci-fi narrative that begins with the characteristics of the places where it is staged in order to imagine distant destinies and escapes. The Frontier always has two sides. On one side, there is the place where no one has ever been before, where one arrives with the force of a storm, of a battle. On the other side of the frontier is the place where we live, where we have always lived: it is the real and certain world, full of realities. With The Frontier, Muta Imago aims to create a performance that can take the spectator to the border between these two places, telling the story of a man and a woman who move through time in search of their past and future selves, in an attempt to fully understand where our fears, hopes, and desires come from – everything that defines us genetically and anthropologically as human beings.

Text and Sound: Riccardo Fazi | Musical Consultation: Chiara Colli | Technical Direction: Maria Elena Fusacchia | Administration, Organization, and Production: Grazia Sgueglia, Silvia Parlani, Valentina Bertolino

10th NOVEMBER ⎯ 08:30 PM
TEATRO CHIESA DI SAN SABINO ⎯ Viale Caduti del 28 Luglio 1943, 5 – Bari


Biography of a body

concept and dance by Davide Valrosso

⎯ D performance

Original music: Michele Rabbia | Production: CapoTrave/Kilowatt | VAN and Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Vicenza | Co-produced as part of the European project Be SpectACTive! | Supported by CapoTrave/Kilowatt, Tanec Praha, Teatrul National Radu Stanca Sibiu, Bakerlit Multi Art Center Budapest, Domino Zagreb, York Theatre Royal, Lift London with the residential support of CSC, Bassano del Grappa-Cid, Rovereto-Cango, Firenze.

A project in constant and inexorable transformation, it tells of change, evolution, metamorphosis. The performer is constantly engaged in a process of scanning knowledge through the resetting and real-time reacquisition of their motor skills. The dance space becomes a universe inhabited by only suggested and almost immaterial presences, where the body keeps rediscovering itself and becomes the subject of a sensitive dialogue with the viewer’s gaze.

Apulian roots, Davide Valrosso, a graduate of the English National Ballet and trained in numerous contemporary dance centers, has collaborated as a performer with visual artists and choreographers including Tino Sehgal, Paolo Bronstein, Ariella Vidach, Laura Corradi, Paolo Mohovich, Gustavo Ramirez, Jacopo Godani, Eugenio Scigliano, Raymond Sullivan, Daniele Ninarello, Antonello Tudisco, Raphael Bianco, Pascal Touzeau, Cristina Rizzo, Fabrizio Favale, and Franca Ferrari. Since 2016, with “Cosmopolitan Beauty,” he has embarked on his own creative path, producing numerous works showcased in various national and international festivals.

11th NOVEMBER ⎯ ore 20:00
CHIESA DI SAN GAETANO ⎯ Strada San Gaetano, 19 – Bari


Lenz Fondazione

⎯ T performance

From William Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Creation: Maria Federica Maestri, Francesco Pititto | Dramaturgy_imagoturgy: Francesco Pititto | Direction: Maria Federica Maestri | Music: Andrea Azzali | Performer: Barbara Voghera | Production: Lenz Fondazione

The tragic portrayal of human existence is interpreted by Barbara Voghera, a sensitive actress with Down Syndrome and a historic interpreter of various versions of Hamlet since 1999. Her body is capable of embodying Shakespeare’s words in an exponential oscillation between loss and rediscovery of meaning. In this Hamlet Solo, a dramatic device explicitly reveals Hamlet’s orphaned nature, his inevitable and absolute scenic and existential solitude. In a breathless journey through the text, the actress implodes into the other characters, the sole ‘living’ instrument in a visual score of specters. Dialogues with Horatio, the Queen, the Ghost of the Father, Guild and Rose, the Players, the Gravediggers, King Claudius are bent into the only heroic duel possible, that of the actor with themselves.

Lenz‘s contemporary performative creation projects are the artistic result of in-depth work in visual, cinematic, spatial, dramaturgical, and sound research. In an aesthetic convergence between exegetical faithfulness to the text, visual radicality of cinematic creation, originality, and conceptual extremism of artistic installation, Lenz’s work rewrites, in visionary signs, the philosophical tensions and aesthetic disquietudes of contemporaneity.

12th NOVEMBER ⎯ 08:30 PM
CINEMA ABC ⎯ Via G. Marconi, 41 (Bari)


Introduction in cooperation with Tavolo Tecnico Lgbtqi+

Cinque uomini, un diario al di là della scena

Cosimo Terlizzi (Italy 2022 – 62′)

It was 2008 when Antonio, an actor, recorded his colleagues in the dressing rooms during a tour with an amateur camera. An audiovisual diary that documents the actor’s profession and its vulnerabilities. The forgotten tapes for over ten years become the source of this film. The material, shot instinctively, proves to be a touching unfiltered diary in which Antonio reveals the vulnerabilities, doubts, joys, and challenges of the actor’s profession.

The director Cosimo Terlizzi will be present during the screening.

Tickets available at CINEMA ABC’s box office (out of subscription)



Tana Gilbert (Cile 2023 – 73’)
O.V. with subtitles

They are women. They are mothers. They are inmates serving long sentences in a prison in Chile. Their children are growing up far from them but remain in their hearts. In prison, they find the affection of other inmates who share their same experience. The mutual support among these women becomes a form of resistance and emancipation. Malqueridas reconstructs their stories through the images they shot by themselves with forbidden cell phones inside the prison, recovering the collective memory of a forgotten community.

13rd NOVEMBER ⎯ 10:00 AM – 01:00 PM
MULTICINEMA GALLERIA ⎯ Corso Italia, 15/G (Bari)

Mini BIG


The body, physicality, and the senses are the core of this second edition of MiniBiG. The screening of three auteur short films selected for the age groups involved is the starting point for an exchange of ideas and experiences among students, with the support of facilitators.

It is a workshop and, at the same time, a roundtable discussion to talk, and above all, to listen to the opinions of the youngest on topics that concern the body, consent, physicality as a source of discrimination and a driving force for internal and collective change, from an intersectional, intergenerational, and anti-adultist perspective.

The activities are organized and conducted by Articolo12 Soc. Coop. of Services, in collaboration with Domenico Centrone (filmmaker and educator).

The following short films will be screened:

JUNIOR, directed by Julia Ducournau (France 2011 – 21’)

PARAMORE, directed by Andrea Lamedica, Francesco Mastroleo (Italy 2023 – 20′)

YANDERE, directed by William Laboury (Francia 2019 –20’) –  Italian premiere in Italia

At the end of the screenings, Spine Bookstore will recommend queer readings for minors.

13rd NOVEMBER ⎯ 06:30 PM
LIBRERIA PRINZ ZAUM ⎯ Via Cardassi, 93 (Bari)

Lost in translation.
LE disabilità in scena

Flavia Dalila D’Amico’s book presentation

⎯ Public program

A conversation with Federica D’Alessandro, an emerging artist, Gemma Di Tullio (active coordinator of Danza Teatro Pubblico Pugliese), and Giulio de Leo, choreographer and artistic director of the Menhir Company. 

ph. Federico Mavaldi

Lost in translation. Le disabilità in scena (Bulzoni 2021) reconstructs the stories that have emerged from the intersection of disabilities and live performance from the late 19th century to the present day. It covers a wide chronological range in which artists with disabilities have only sporadically punctuated the narrative, at least until today. What roles do they occupy? In a narrative system constructed to resemble “normatively abled” individuals, how do we become aware of what is missing? Through these and other questions, a rich tapestry of stories, practices, poetic and political demands emerges, forcefully extending beyond the stage, into the realms of ethics, law, politics, and economics.

Flavia Dalila D’Amico is a scholar and curator in the field of performing arts. She is a member of the Al.Di.Qua association. She handles communications for ORBITA|Spellbound National Dance Production Center and for the Fuori Programma International Dance Festival.

14th NOVEMBER ⎯ 08:00 PM
VOGA ART PROJECT ⎯ Via Francesco Curzio dei Mille, 58 (Bari)


by/with Ivana Pia Lorusso

⎯ D performance

Body Shaping borrows from the practice of censoring female nudity on social media the aesthetic device of black tape, taking the act of censoring the body to its extreme consequences. In Body Shaping, it’s not just those erotically charged parts of the body that are typically hidden or deemed obscene, scandalous, or pornographic that are censored, but the entire body. The act of covering a naked body with meters and meters of black duct tape results in the creation of a new body, a new flesh, black, shiny, molded, and compressed by the tape. Body Shaping is a protest against aesthetic oppression, a personal and political stance, an act of rebellion against the enacted and endured gaze.

Ivana Pia Lorusso (1995, Bari) is an artist, pedagogue, and transfeminist activist. At the core of her artistic research and practice, she places the claims of intersectional feminism, using photography, video, installation, sculpture, and performance to address the debate on aesthetic oppression, judgment of bodies, and illness from a bio-psychosocial perspective. In 2022, she coordinated one of the performative sections of “Part-time Resistance,” a choral performance by Nico Angiuli, curated by Eugenia Delfini at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACTE) in Termoli, and participated in the European program “Power. Exploring Gender and Power through/in Art.

15th NOVEMBER ⎯ 06:30 PM
HOTEL IMAGO ⎯ Via Altamura, 26 (Bari)

Bari BIG dream Call

⎯ Public program

In collaboration with Imago+

moderated by Antonio Ottomanelli

The city’s cultural-artistic community is invited to take part in this appointment for informal discussion and sharing in which to focus on their demands, urges, claims. A much-desired appeal from the post-pandemic period finally materializes as a moment of face-to-face exchange between artists, students, professionals of the visual, performing, musical and multimedia arts to measure the temperature of their actions in the city: which places, which listening, which responses, which cultural and intellectual depth surrounds us? What opportunities and possibilities do we encounter? Where do artistic communities meet and how do artistic communities intervene to have the strength of a critical mass?

16th NOVEMBER ⎯ 08:00 PM
OFFICINA DEGLI ESORDI ⎯ Via F. Crispi, 5 – Bari


IAC Centro Arti Integrate

⎯ T performance

from Il mondo salvato dai ragazzini di Elsa Morante

with: Nadia Casamassima | direction: Andrea Santantonio | assistant director: Nadia Casamassima | lighting design and video creation: Joseph Geoffriau

It is the story of Carlotta, a middle school student in Berlin, an Aryan girl, who as she faced with the order to wear the yellow star for all Jews, responds with extraordinary disobedience. From that day on, she will leave home with the yellow star on her chest, like a rose, and soon everyone in Berlin will imitate her. An extraordinary hymn to an anarchist joy, as well as a denunciation of all forms of totalitarianism.

OFFICINA DEGLI ESORDI ⎯ Via F. Crispi, 5 (Bari)


live concert ⎯ M performance

Kyoto is the solo musical project of Roberta Russo, singer-songwriter, drummer, producer and performer born in 1996, who grew up between Monza and Bari, where she currently lives. The  project’s peculiarity lies in the fusion of the beatbox technique with dark, cinematic electronics. Singing and spoken music meet different musical instruments from various traditions, including the Apulian one. In 2021 Kyoto released the single PRIMAVERA21, an intimate tale of seclusion, produced by rapper and beatmaker Tonico70, soul of the independent label DINT RECORDZ. In November 2022, she released the single Scenari.

During the event, a space dedicated to queer publishings curated by Spine Bookstore will be available.

18th NOVEMBER ⎯ 08:00 PM
TEATRO KISMET ⎯ Strada S. Giorgio Martire, 22 F – Bari


concept and direction Simone Aughterlony

⎯ D performance

The show is supported by the Pro Helvetia Foundation

A seguire Caterina Zevola (cultural programmer Palais de Tokyo – Parigi) conversa con Simone Aughterlony.

ph. Maxi Schmitz

Performance & Creation: Jen Rosenblit, Nic Lloyd | Concept & Direction: Simone Aughterlony | Music: Hahn Rowe | Dramaturgical Consultancy: Saša Božic, Jorge León, Felipe Ribeiro | Set Designer: Thibault van Craenenbroeck | Costume Designer: Nathalie Pallandre, Thibault van Craenenbroeck | Light Design: Joseph Wegmann | Technical director: Marie Prédour | Production: Sina Kießling | Produzione: Imbricated Real | Coproduction: HAU Hebbel am Ufer – Berlin,  Arsenic Centre d’art scénique contemporain – Lausanne, Gessnerallee – Zurich | Supported by: City of Zurich, Canton of Zurich Fachstelle Kultur and Pro Helvetia – Swiss Cultural Foundation, Migros Kulturprozent, Interpreten Foundation, Anne Marie Schindler Foundation, The  Invisible Dog Art Center – New York, NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ Coproduction Fund for Dance, which is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media

Remaining strangers is the conclusion of the research undertaken with Compass and Maintaining strangers on the conception of the foreigner, an investigation into the social practices and cultural phenomena concerning the relationship between the foreigner and the host, starting from the idea of ξενία in ancient Greece, the generosity and courtesy shown to those far from home. The investigation of this exchange, made up of material and non-material goods (think of protection favours, social codes) prompts a reconfiguration of the fluid power relations in which we are enveloped by problematising the visual angle from which each of us observes, between participation and sense of belonging.

Simone Aughterlony, an independent artist from New Zealand based in Zurich and Berlin, works mainly in dance and performance contexts. For the past sixteen years she has devised choreographic works with a queer spirit. In 2018 his works were exhibited at the Venice Biennale for a focus on the artist.

During the event, a space dedicated to queer publishings curated by Spine Bookstore will be available.

18th NOVEMBER ⎯ 11:00 PM
OFFICINA DEGLI ESORDI ⎯ Via F. Crispi, 5 (Bari)


⎯ M performance

Great return to Bari of MadAlba, leading djane of the techno queer scene international scene! Apulian by origin, at home in Berlin, MadAlba is the undisputed star undisputed star of an exclusive BIG party.

MadAlba born in Bari in 1985, moved to Berlin in 201, where she started doing DJ sets with only vinyl records, thus gaining a strong reputation as an underground techno DJ and opportunities to play in clubs around the city. In 2011, in Detroit, he began collaboration with DJ Seoul, Tom and Angie Linder of the Detroit Techno Militia: this journey radically changes her approach to techno, which she considers a political and social phenomenon and a lifestyle, and not just a musical genre. Back in Berlin she came into contact with the queer scene by becoming resident DJ at Homopatik, at that time the flagship party of Berlin’s queer reality. In 2018 MadAlba became resident dj at the historic club Trésor and since 2019 has been part of Pullproxy’s artists roster. She is currently also techno resident DJ and co-organiser of Buttons, the most underground queer party in Berlin.

19th NOVEMBER ⎯ 08:30 PM
CINEMA ABC ⎯ Via G. Marconi, 41 (Bari)


Introduction in cooperation with Tavolo Tecnico Lgbtqi+


Gerard Ortìn Castellvi (Spain/UK 2022 – 21′)
O.V. with subtitles

This short doc portrays the bustling life inside a fruit and vegetable distribution shed run by intelligent robots only.  The machines seem to have a life of their own and perform choreographies while picking and packaging products for supermarkets and mass consumption. When the automatisms are switched off, the environments take on a dreamlike dimension in which plants, animals, insects and machinery intertwine in new and mysterious combinations.



T. Smith (USA 2023 – 73’)
O.V. with subtitles

Kokomo city explores with an energetic and pressing rhythm the lives of four transsexual women in New York and Georgia, between private life and sex work. The issues of belonging and identity within the black community are addressed with strong self-determination and without taboos between the glitzy streets and clubs of the Big Apple and the domestic walls, involving celebrities and producers of black music, through successful VIP circles and suburban ghettos, from which the common dream is redemption.

21st NOVEMBER ⎯ 09:00 PM
TEATRO ABELIANO ⎯ Via Padre Massimiliano Kolbe, 3 (Bari)


choreography and dance by Martina Gambardella

⎯ D performance

In collaboration with RexExtensa and ToiToi

ph. Gigi Fratus

Music: Giuseppe Giroffi | Project consultant: Daniele Ninarello | Lightning design and technical assistance: Alessia Massai | Co-production: CodedUomo, Associazione Culturale Körper | supported by Oriente Occidente, Armunia, Lavanderia a Vapore, centro di residenze per la danza; supported by Incubatore CIMD and Fabbrica Europa | Project selected for Vetrina della giovane danza d’autore 2020 – azione del Network Anticorpi XL | supported by Residance XL 2021 action of Network Anticorpi XL.

This work is an attempt to granulate a body, the story of its continuous drift: it allows itself the space of contemplation poised on a ridge, waiting for the next laceration in the desire to become more and more plural. It becomes a wandering vision, and orienting itself moment by moment it opens up more and more to what’s beyond itself. The practice that guides the entire process is built entirely around the question: “How do the things of the world touch and move us?”. ERROR arises from the desire to question the relationship that exists between a body and the landscape that surrounds it to observe the relationship of inter-corporeality, of mutual co-participation and co-implication. This is a relationship undermined by the body’s temptation to control the present and dominate it, acting on things without allowing itself to be told and

be touched, informed and changed by them, thus running the risk of ceasing to feel and ceasing to learn.

22th NOVEMBER ⎯ 09:00 PM
OFFICINA DEGLI ESORDI ⎯ Via F. Crispi, 5 (Bari)


(site specific)

choreography and dance by Martina Gambardella

⎯ D performance

ph. Sabrina Cirillo

Original music: Giuseppe Giroffi in collaboration with Stefano Costanzo |

Production: CodedUomo | supported through creative residency by Associazione Sosta Palmizi

What happens if we resist the temptation to complete the gesture too soon and give ourselves the time to contemplate and expand the space from which the movement is arising? Mute was born out of a desire to celebrate the origin of movement, capturing the potential and generative power of the space from which it emerges. The work turns its gaze to the space of the relationship between bodies and listens to the continuous silent discourse with the points and places of contact with the otherness of the self. The matter of origin thus emerges as a constant desire for conjunction and as a force capable of transforming the space in between into a tactile and resonant trace of connections.

OFFICINA DEGLI ESORDI ⎯ Via F. Crispi, 5 (Bari)


live set ⎯ M performance

Define Chris is the solo project of Apulian musician Christopher Difino (drummer and producer). Emotional electronics that is built on rhythms and textures, mixing glitch and noise elements, perpetual loops of contemplation and eclectic outbursts accompanied by a kaleidoscopic video installation. It explores in a sonic and personal way a diverse and vast world of influences, including IDM, experimental music drone, new age, ambient music and synth melodies reminiscent of 80s sci-fi soundtracks. The first album ‘Repetition Tomorrow’ was released by the Los Angeles-based label Already Dead Tapes & Records.

During the event, a space dedicated to queer publishings curated by Spine Bookstore will be available.

23rd NOVEMBER ⎯ 03:00-06:00 PM


Gender before and after science: body, fashion and tec(h)nology

curated by Claudia Attimonelli (ForPsiCom – Adg – Uniba)

The dialogues on BIG are back, the usual appointment within the Bari International Gender Film festival in collaboration with the Gender Archive Carla Lonzi, the department of Education, Psychology and Communication Science and the Bachelor of Communication Science.

The dream as a dimension of reality with regard to gender issues: girls, women and LGBTQIA+ people are able to transform the world of science, technology and art.

The matter of the talk is, indeed, the exploration of the fields of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) that touch corpography, clothing styles, artistic transmedia languages and TEC(H)NOLOGY: points of affirmation, reappropriation and experimentation through transfeminist and intersectional dreams.

Amongst the speeches: Milovan Farronato (art critic, curator), Carla Petrocelli (science historian), Patrizia Calefato (sociologist), Alessandro Taurino (clinical psychologist) Paola Zaccaria (Gender Archive, Aendör Studio (genderless fashion label) and the student body of Communication Science.

23rd NOVEMBER ⎯ 09:00 PM
TEATRO KISMET ⎯ Strada S. Giorgio Martire, 22 F (Bari)


by/with Gianmaria Borzillo

⎯ T performance

ph. Matteo Piacenti

Farewell, a national preview of Gianmaria Borzillo’s solo study at the BiG, is a place of listening and action, of discovering and beginning, a point of loneliness and euphoria.

It’s a crooked queer space, a microcosm created from and for Julius Eastman’s music, in which multiple layers ebb and flow as times goes by, through passages and transitions, in a build-up that produces stunning, frustration and grace.

Farewell is a gradual knowledge of the other as a radical self-discovery, in which are revealed intimacy and death, AIDS and illness, transfiguration and the joy of eroticism, memory, fiction and reality, loneliness and its disappearing.

The scene lives and becomes slowly populated through Eastman’s composition, that sets the rules and, at the same time, provides freedom of exploration and building.

Gianmaria Borzillo (Sorrento, 1995), dancer, performer and author, graduates from the Civica Scuola di Teatro Paolo Grassi in Milan and studies with Ariella Vidach, Biagio Caravano, Enzo Cosimi, Annamaria Ajmone, Cristina Rizzo, Maria Consagra, Ida Kuniaki. To his studies he accompanies learning and workshop experiences with Erna Ómarsdóttir & Valdimar Jóhannsson, Virgilio Sieni, Leonardi Lidi, Dante Antonelli, Collettivo Cinetico e Anagoor. Performer in Augusto and Save that last dance for me by Alessandro Sciarroni, Leone d’oro career award at Biennale Danza 2019, choreographer and performer for Rapture for the Rural Dimensions festival, for his first authorial work Under the influence he got a special mention in the call for directors under 30 at Biennale di Venezia 2020 and a special mention from the Premio Leo De Bernardis – Teatro di Napoli jury.

During the event, a space dedicated to queer publishings curated by Spine Bookstore will be available.

24th NOVEMBER ⎯ 06:00PM

⎯ Via F. Crispi, 5 (Bari)


Mitopoiesi TRANS*: the transformative power of the body mind sistem

LUD – Zine self-produced

⎯ Public program

Mitopoiesi TRANS: the transformative power of the body-mind system binds together experiences of grassroots queer politics, artistic practices and individual narrations. A blending of visions which conveys the complexity of the transexual bodies and non-binary transexual bodies experiences.

The chosen form is a creative mixture, living matter that transforms itself at every glance so that it can be opened and read from each and every point.

The mood is confidential and allows us to explore contradictions with tact, highlighting the salvific and revolutionary value of the political relations that we weave.

Lud, a transgender non-binary person, who grew up in south-eastern Bari, after living in Bologna and Bogotà chose to go back to the South, in Naples, where they live now.

They completed their studies in New Technologies of Art at the Academy, now they practice and experiment the creation and relational of collective works of art in the suburbs of Naples and other cities of the South of Italy. They militate in collectives that produce trans and queer grassroots speeches, often through artistic and performative practices in the streets. They also write ditties to feel good.


24th NOVEMBER ⎯ 09:00 PM
ASD Accademia dello Spettacolo UNIKA ⎯ Via Padre Massimiliano Kolbe 3/A (Bari)


by/with Giovanfrancesco Giannini

⎯ D performance

ph. Pietro Bertora

Lightning design: Valeria Foti | Reserch and curatorship: Gianmaria Borzillo, Denis De Rosa, Giovanfrancesco Giannini, Antonia Treccagnoli | Production: Körper | in co-production with Ariella Vidach – AiEP, Santarcangelo Festival | supported by AMAT, nell’ambito di “Marche casa del teatro Residenze d’artista” con Comune di Pesaro, Regione Marche e MiC, La Briqueterie CDCN du Val-de-Marne et Théâtre de Vanves – Scène conventionnée d’intérêt national “Art et création” – Paris | with grant of MiC – Ministero della Cultura e Regione Campania, Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Montreal, Dom Utopii – Międzynarodowe Centrum Empatii, Cracovia | selected for Tanzmesse 2022

Cloud_extended is a reflection on the politics of images and on the media representation of bodies, organized around the concepts of duration and repetition: the performance, which lasts an hour and a half, consists of three repetitions of about half an hour each; the public can get in and out from each of them. The content is the same, but the performer’s body and spirit won’t be the same from the first through the last repeat. the relation with the violence of the images acquires a ritual character and enrolls in the context of physical and mental fatigue and of the obstinacy of a prolonged stay on stage, acquiring a different kind of strength and depth.

Giovanfrancesco Giannini (Naples, 1990) collaborates with Francesca Fornarini, Alessandro Sciarroni, Cia Aiep Ariella Vidach, Cie Eco Emilio Calcagno, Fabbrica Europa, Cia Karper. He danced for Sang Jijia, Dimitris Papaioannou, Stefano Poda, Luca Veggetti, Mathilde Rosier, Dominique Dupuy, Ismael Ivo. His works were presented at Santarcangelo festival, Nao Performing festival, FOG Triennale performing festival, Fabbrica Europa, CCDC festival Hong Kong, Korperformer, Secretformer, Secret Florence. CLOUD got selected for the Tranzmesse open studios 2022, Nid platform open studios 2021 and DNAppunti coreografici 2019 Romaeuropa.

24th NOVEMBER ⎯ 10:30 PM
OFFICINA DEGLI ESORDI ⎯ Via F. Crispi, 5 (Bari)


live concert ⎯ M performance

A real queen from distant spaces and times, who narrates her world through music with a pop and contemporary sound. Arcadia runs away from any label: she seems to come out from a pre-raphaelite painting but, instead, she just ordered a pizza diavola with double cheese from her kebab shop of trust. In her lyrics she talks about non-relationships or intensively-lived loves, tears and dreams born and grown in the streets of Milan. An artist full of contrasts and nuances who found in the art of drag and singing her one and only way of being heard.

HOLOS dj-set

Holos, alter ego of Francesco Porsia, 17yo, half barese and half catanese, expresses himself through the music he writes and produces autonomously. He immediately became passionate about House-Techno music and started to venture into this world in 2018 (at the age of 12), in the same year he embarked on music production as an autodidact and studied in different schools of the territory. Pending the release of his song on streaming platforms, he’ll preview his new album and live experience Dystopia.

During the event, a space dedicated to queer publishings curated by Spine Bookstore will be available.

25th NOVEMBER ⎯ 09:00 PM
OFFICINA DEGLI ESORDI ⎯ Via F. Crispi, 5 (Bari)


by /with Lorenzo Morandini

⎯ D performance

ph. Davide Barbieri

Music and sounds by Giuseppe Verdi and Mattia Nardon | Lights Tamara Borodina | Developed within the Incubatore CIMD Milano | Project supported by MiBACT | Production NINA | In coproduction with the Danza in Rete – Fondazione Comunale Città di Vicenza | With the collaboration of Fabbrica Europa.

In Idillio the body appears from the dark and finds himself onstage defenceless and observed. The anguish of having to choose how to move pushes the body into a crisis, it is part of the scene and can’t remain impassive. So then confusion, the contradictory interpretation of the music in a relentless swing between sense and incoherency; the body processes movements which ironically associate among themselves and keep regenerating. A new imperturbability appears into chaos, a new form of contemplation.

Lorenzo Morandini, graduated from TNT of Turin and from the Trinity Laban of London in contemporary dance from 2018 to 2021, he’s amongst the authors of Incubatore CIMD where he develops Idillio, selected for Vetrina Anticorpi XL 2021. With La möa, a performative project of research in open spaces, he got selected for Boyscapes 2012. Since 2021 he’s among the organisers of the Danzare A Monte in Val di Fiemme, he partners with Orizzonte Giovani as a contemporary dance teacher. In 2022 the TCVI chose him as Artista in Rete. With S he was picked by rete Anticorpi for the action ResiDance XL.

25th NOVEMBER ⎯ 10:00 PM
OFFICINA DEGLI ESORDI ⎯ Via F. Crispi, 5 (Bari)


Marco Malasomma is an art director, musician and sound designer. Together with Jime Ghirlandi they manage FUTURO ARCAICO (ARCANE FUTURE), a project that collects testaments and works by artists that face the topic of territorial identity through a digital archive and live performance.

He trained as a drummer, but soon enough his expression widens to include multimedia research, allowing him to conduct various solo projects and collaborations with other artists. He also works in theatre, dance, film, and organizes festivals and exhibitions connected to new ways of speech, as well as actively taking part to numerous interdisciplinary projects.


LIVE SET ⎯ M performance

ph. Johannes Zuidhoek Sundby

On stage Rrose lurks in the shadow, floating between being a he or a she interchangeably (the name and image of “Rrose” allude to Marcel Duchamp’s female alter-ego) as an implicit interrogation of gender norms and artistic abilities along with a bit of black humour.

Rrose is the last reincarnation of Seth Horvitz, an interdisciplinary artist from California, whose 25 years of musical career are divided between the inside and outside of academic and electronic music. His job is informed by constant interests in micro-tonalities at the limits of perception and idiosyncrasies of machines used to create a punctual, sensual and hallucinated form of techno which defies the mind and the body equally. The project extends to particular avant-garde backwashes, leading her to collaborations with luminaries like Bob Ostertag and Charlemagne Palestine and to reinvent the works of composers from the XX century like James Tenney.

During the event, a space dedicated to queer publishings curated by Spine Bookstore will be available.

26th NOVEMBER ⎯ 12:00 PM-05:00 PM
EFFETTO TERRA CAMPAGNEROS ⎯ Via Raffaele Bovio, 20 (Bari)

The enchantment of sauerkraut – Ferment practices

with Leo Kay

⎯ Public program

Borrowing the process of sauerkraut fermentation, Leo Kay, a multidisciplinary artist engaged from years in artistic practices of community, involves female artists, thinkers, artists and fermenters from the territory in a process of circularity of words, bodies and desires. The deep sense of the action aims to encourage the sharing of the participants’ transfeminist and eco-feminist instances. Intersectional manifesto. Maximum number of participants: 25.

Leo Kay physical theatre and dance theatre performer, member of the Kaos Theatre Uk central core and performer of these companies: The Clod Ensemble (UK), Lost Dog Dance (UK), Run Bunzle (Amsterdam), Giselle Rocha Cia (Zurich), The Royal National Theatre (London) and the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Since 2017, he’s engaged in an artistic research at the Apass Research Institute of Bruxelles, he uses the actions, qualities and metaphors of fermentation as a political act of rescue of the personal ability to produce changes. He works with the collective action in which the dialogue and the ritual are the modality of exchange and activity. This work is halfway between theatre, performance, workshop activity and interactive installation. It explores the negative effects of hyperproductivity on human beings and on the world in general, it focuses on the impact that this has on mental, physical, social and ecological health.

26th NOVEMBER ⎯ 08:30 PM
CINEMA ABC ⎯ Via G. Marconi, 41 (Bari)


Introduction in cooperation with Tavolo Tecnico Lgbtqi+


di Matea Kovač  (Croatia, 2023 – 6’33’’) – O.V. with subtitles

The main character remembers her ex-girlfriend through the animation of paintings that portrayed her during their exciting relationship.


All the colours of the world are between black and white

by Babatunde Apalowo (Nigeria 2023 – 93′)
V.O. con sottotitoli

A romantic movie taking place in Lagos that narrates the friendship between two young men, humble and inexperienced who, because of repressive social laws regarding homosexuality, find difficulty in recognizing and express the feeling that binds them together. The narration also offers the occasion to admire glimpses and settings of the african city which surprise us for their beauty and modernity deconstructing a lot of preconceptions and stereotypes.

Tickets available on DICE and at CINEMA ABC’s box office (out of subscription)

28th NOVEMBER ⎯ 09:00 PM
TEATRO KISMET ⎯ Strada S. Giorgio Martire, 22 F – Bari


direction/choreography/scenes by Gabriella Maiorino

with Martina La Ragione, Matilde Bignamini, Francesca Mazzoni, Valeria Secchi

⎯ D performance

Musiche di Giovanni Cavalcoli | con il supporto di: e-production/ Fanny &       

Alexander; RavennaTeatro, compagnia Laminarie Bologna; CSC- Centro per la 

Scena Contemporanea; Garage Nardini  Bassano del Grappa; Aldes/ SPAM!; 

co-prodotto dall’Associazione Sosta Palmizi

UOVO (Egg) is a femminist show that pushes the vision’s limit of the feminine on the scene. It dissects and dismembers rules and bans, common sense, the gaze’s habbits, through the body, immages, and the relationship with the audience. The performance lights up the hiden corners of the subject on feminine, the social and the artistic one, making sure that the cultural mechanisms, which we normally misunderstand with choices or instinct, will be visible and adjustable.

The freedom in which EGG is “practice” here and now, in front of the audience and with the audience, is a constant re-invetion of self; a social and artistic self-generation on scene, stripping of what was given to us as a role and destiny, abandoning the fence in which they taught us we could move. In this sense, EGG presents itself as a ritualistic, collective practice of transmutation and decoding of the body language.

Gabriella Maiorino is a choreographer and performer who lives in Italy and Holland.All of her creations were produced and financed by the cuíty of Amsterdam, from Dutch national institutions and co-produced by numerous italian and european corporations. She won contests such as Satelliti, Dansclick in Holland and Aerowaves in England. She was a choreographer at the DANSMAKERS of Amsterdam from 2005 to 2012 and at the DANSLAB den Haag research centre from 2009 to 2011. In 2017 she opened the space of artistic and performative research SHOW ROOM in Trevignano Romano (Rome) together with the musician, stage technician and set designer Giovanni Cavalcoli. Sosta Palmizi Coorporation supports his works in Italy since 2017.

During the event, a space dedicated to queer publishings curated by Spine Bookstore will be available.

29th NOVEMBER ⎯ 06:00 PM
CASA DELLE DONNE DEL MEDITERRANEO ⎯ Piazzetta Sant’Antonio, 5 (Bari)


Amleta e  il contrasto alla violenza nel mondo dello spettacolo dal vivo

⎯ Public program

in collaboration and comparison with Aps Amleta, Casa delle Donne del Mediterraneo,  Generare culture non violente, curated by Centro Antiviolenza and Centro Antidiscriminazioni dell’Assessorato al Welfare del Comune di Bari

29th NOVEMBER ⎯ 09:00 PM
CHIESA DI SAN GAETANO ⎯ Strada San Gaetano, 19 – Bari


by/with Marialuisa Capurso

live concert ⎯ M performance

RADIO RUBEDO is an interactive sound installation. It is an invitation to participate in a game, a participatory act that explores the themes of power relations, and patriarchy in all its manifestations. The materials from the previous radio series “Rubedo_Allow Aloud”, “Our Body is not in space like things” and “Space for traces” will be present in the space, in form of sound tracks, as tools with which interact, leaving new traces. The intent is to create a collective sonic ritual, in a protected space of interaction, creation, experience, and alliance. If you choose to be there, you are an active participant, not an observer. RUBEDO was born in 2020 with the aim of contributing to the transformation of the abusive power of patriarchal culture and its violence. Attempts to change an abusive personal memory of sexual violence into a golden trace.

Singer, performer, sound activist and radio artist, Marialuisa Capurso researches in the field of voice, movement, sound, body art and ritual, and triggers individual and collective creative processes, interacting with dance, theater and the visual arts.

30th NOVEMBER ⎯ 09:00 PM
TEATRO KISMET ⎯ Strada S. Giorgio Martire, 22 F – Bari

if you could see me now

concept/creation by Arno Schuitemaker

⎯ D performance

With the support of the Embassy and General Consulate of the Netherlands.

ph. Piotr Jaruga

Performers: Stein Fluijt, Mark Christoph Klee, Ivan Ugrin | dramaturgy: Guy Cools | light design: Vinny Jones | music: Wim Selles

Three performers dance the club dance, creating a wave-like movement that releases a contagious energy. The flow continues to reinvent itself following the luminous incentive and the repetitiveness of the gestures with a transformative perspective. At maximum effort and sweating, their incessant movement reinvents itself through luminous and changing impressions. With apparent simplicity, this work urges us to look further and more closely. Schuitemaker installs the performance against the backdrop of an ever-changing reality. How to keep moving forward? How to shift and realign our attention? From hypnotic ecstasy to unstoppable excitement, from meticulous construction to its breakdown, If You Could See Me Now gets straight to the heart of the body and its relationship with change.

Arno Schuitemaker (Amsterdam) creates performances to live an experience. Hyperphysical and immersive, they have received recognition for the inventive forms that Arno creates to express and give depth to themes that lie at the intersection of intimacy and universality. Many of his works, including WHILE WE STRIVE (2015), I will wait for you (2016), If You Could See Me Now (2017) and The Way You Sound Tonight (2018) have been presented in renowned venues and festivals of contemporary performing arts from more than 25 countries around the world.

FOLLOWING ⎯ from 11:00 PM
FOYER TEATRO KISMET ⎯ Strada S. Giorgio Martire, 22 F – Bari


BIG closing party

St.Robot, one of the souls who assembled circuits and reactivated the sensors to give life to LaRoboterie, will accompany you in an electro-subversive parallel reality that breaks gender boundaries and the chains of sexuality made of pulsating bodies, in an explosive mixture of Hard Techno, Breakbeat and acid sounds.

LaRoboterie was born in 2007 in Rome as the first example of a traveling queer crew with the clear desire to spread, through very specific musical and artistic choices, the culture of self-determination of all those who reject socially imposed gender identities.

Antifascist, antisexist, transfeminist, antiracist and migrant, always alongside those who are marginalized, those who suffer violence and abuse. LaRoboterie is techno, gay, lesbian, transgender, gypsy and whore. She is a non-EU citizen, HIV-positive and toxic, anti-speciesist, transvestite, prisoner, drag and crippled but above all she is free and proud of being able to express her nature without filters, without superstructures or preconceptions.

We thank all the people who supported this great DREAM and in particular Micaela Paparella and Michele Spinelli.